Clicktricity 5D Methodology

Since taking down the old Clicktricity website, I have had a number of requests to re-publish my 5D development methodology and the agile principals.

Clicktricity 5D

Clicktricity 5D is an agile application development methodology that drives delivery of cost-effective, repeatable, quality solutions in an adaptable framework that suits software development and application implementations for both small and large enterprises.
The 5D methodology allows us to consistently provide the following:

  • Accurately determine business and commercial requirements
  • Design solutions that meet client’s short and long terms needs
  • Develop quality applications, on-time, on-budget
  • Implement solutions with minimal impact to ongoing business operations
  • Provide comprehensive handover and ongoing support of delivered solutions
The 5D methodology is an iterative process consisting of the following standard phases, which may be repeated as necessary for each phase and sub-phase of a project/

1. Discover

Analysts and solution architects work closely with the client to understand and accurately document the business, commercial and operational requirements. They map out the project timeline, risks, impact and deliverables, and divide the project up into short, medium and long term achievable and measurable milestones in order that progress can be accurately tracked, monitored and managed.

2. Design

The detailed design stage builds upon the initial discovery analysis and describes in detail exactly what is required, how it will be achieved and the process that will be used to produce the final result.

3. Develop

Using an iterative cyclical process, we develop, test and QA the solution according to required quality and development standards. In addition, we keep the customer involved in every step of the development process including functional prototypes and pre-release candidates.

4. Deliver

Deliver the completed solution and install it in the customer’s environment. Then work with the customer to complete acceptance tests and verification of functionality.

5. Deploy

Work closely with the client’s resources to deploy the application, complete the handover, documentation and provide any user training that is required. Complete a comprehensive post-project review to ensure that we have met every requirement.